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Meet Guang Chen: The founder of Morsel Bao

My name is Guang Chen. I am from China, from the Fujian Province. That is in South-East China and very close to Taiwan. Bao is known to be from Taiwan, but actually very few people are aware that Bao originated from the Fujian Province, but it was just popularized in Taiwan. I came to Denmark 13 years ago to study and since I came here, I have been gathering some experience in different restaurants and kitchens. Bao is something I have always liked, ever since I was a child.

Morsel Bao was founded by me, my girlfriend Flora, Xuemin and Lulu. My experience in the restaurant business helped us build up this restaurant in Godthåbsvej in May 2019. The four of us worked together to create this beautiful place. We were able to introduce all our regional food from different provinces into the menu of our restaurant. You can see some dishes that show the amazing food from our hometowns, for example the noodle bowl was made based on the image of "hot dry noodles " from Wuhan, the Taro burger is a traditional food from Fujian.

The idea of Morsel is to introduce Asian food and flavors to the Danish people. We want to give you the opportunity to come and try for yourself how delicious food from our hometowns can be. Trust me when I tell you that you NEED to try Bao. We offer several options to choose from, so there is a Bao for everyone. See you in the restaurant!

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