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Why Japanese Curry Rice Bowl is So Stunning!

Updated: May 13, 2020

We released our 2020 new dish - Japanese Curry Rice Bowl. Here is why it is stunning!

If you have no idea what Japanese curry means or how it tastes, there's no doubt that you can find the answers here at Morsel Bao.

Japanese-style curry differs greatly from Indian and Thai-style curry since its greatest charm is the addictive aroma, born from the harmonious overlapping of several different aromas, which is often described by Japanese as an "aroma symphony".

It comes from the rich and mellow aroma of various spices, the roasted scent of oil-frying flour and the fragrant aroma of meat and vegetables. Unlike curry powder that is often used in Indian and Thai curry, the secret of traditional homemade Japanese curry is Curry Roux which upgrades the thickness of curry sauce, making it a perfect accompany with steamed rice.

Thanks to our skilled curry chef and imported curry roux from Japan, our guests can be assured of the most authentic taste of homemade Japanese curry with options of crispy chicken, tonkatsu and shrimp fry, or simply with vegetables.

It is new on our menu, and the offers are limited. Do not hesitate to come over and have a morsel!


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