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Enjoy Every Morsel of Bao

Founded in the autumn of 2019, Morsel Bao is a trendy-looking fusion restaurant with focus on homemade and Asian-fusion food, especially "bao", which origins from Fujian, China, and got improved and popularised in Taiwan. You can call it an Asian version of a burger. The word "morsel" means a small bite of delicate in English.

Our bao buns are completely handmade and inspired by our upbringing and dining experience around Asia. The Culture of Morsel is driven by our dedication to every detail of the baos, dishes and bowls we serve to our customers. We also treasure every Morsel of time the customers enjoy in our restaurant with best services. 

We never stop being creative and adventurous in bringing more tasty and fine-quality food onto the tables.

Let Bao become a wonderful Morsel of life !

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Godthåbsvej 48, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark

51 70 58 88

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51 70 58 88

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